Texas Square Dance – Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Texas Square Dance

Texas Square Dance

Texas Square Dance

This free pattern is provided by Fort Worth Fabric Studio and is intended for home use only. Selling this pattern or using it as part of a kit for sale is prohibited.


  • LOVE the fabrics!!!

    Fort Worth Fabric Studio replied:
    Thank you!

    Judy L on

  • How do I down load the 31”by 31”pattern
    Can I get a download on the Larger Quilt and size

    Joan Emory on

  • Yesterday I sent a message asking about the dog ears in step two. I finally saw them today – in the center joining of the blocks. My apologies. Thank you again. I love your fabric.

    Dianne Gilby on

  • I’m interested in making this pattern. Thank you for making these available for free on your website. I don’t understand the dog ears in step two – I don’t see the 9 patch dog eared in the photos. Is that just considered an option? Thanking you in advance.

    Dianne Gilby on

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