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Future Fabric Deliveries: An Insightful Update about what's going on in the fabric industry!

Future Fabric Deliveries: An Insightful Update about what's going on in the fabric industry!

Future Fabric Deliveries: An Insightful Update about what's going on in the fabric industry!

An honest & transparent update for you,

our customers & friends! 

We know that many of you shop our "pre-order" selection, and we know you are excited about your purchase and the upcoming delivery date that we have anticipated!


We wanted to give you some history & an update on the current state of fabric deliveries from our manufacturers.


When COVID hit earlier this year, most fabric mills in Japan & Korea were forced to close.  Orders from the manufacturers began to back up. 


To add to the backlog, consider this:  as we all started working our way through the COVID quarantine, many dusted off old sewing machines in the closet and started sewing. Sewing and quilting became a great hobby to pass the time. Many also dedicated their time to helping others by making face masks. As a result, the demand for cotton fabric reached an unprecedented level at a time when the mills were closed or operating minimally.


Now that the mills have re-opened, they are working hard to get everything printed.  Large shipments of printed goods are now making their way to the USA, but we are experiencing new hurdles.


Boats are arriving at the ports, but some are sitting for a few weeks at sea before they can unload at the docks, due to restrictions in California.  Once unloaded - the containers must go through customs, but customs is also backed up due to COVID restrictions. 


Our manufacturers have been amazing. They are working hard and many now have their warehouses safely operating 6-7 days a week to try to keep up with the demand and ship out new goods as they arrive.


 At FWFS, our team works hard to stay as current as possible on in stock orders.   We are experiencing delays on goods with future dates.  We know this is a disappointment to many of you and we are sincerely sorry for these delays. We kindly ask for your patience during this time.  Please know that we ship pre-order collections as quickly as possible after receiving these collections at our warehouse.


What you can do:  If you are shopping our pre-order section, please know the date we provide is the manufacturer's projection as to what month they will ship the product to us (under normal circumstances).  If that date is January, this means the manufacturer believes they can ship to us by the last day of January.  We suggest planning time-sensitive projects accordingly, and know that during the next few months - deliveries on new goods will likely continue to be delayed.  If you need information on a specific collection, please contact us - we will give you our best estimate based on current shipments from that vendor.


Lastly, if your order contains both pre-order and in stock items, please remember our policy is to hold & ship after everything has arrived, in one shipment.  We realize this may not suit your needs, so email us or call us, and we can offer you multiple shipments. (Additional postage will apply).


As always, we are here to help!  We have responsive customer service, and we love to make our customers happy.  You can reach us at 817-880-2235 (Call or Text) or email us at service@fortworthfabricstudio.com.


We sincerely appreciate your business & your understanding during these times.  We wish you safety + good health... and a wonderful holiday season!



Jodie and the staff at FWFS



  • You are always equitable & fair. Love your products & complete line of a fabric family.
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio replied:
    Thanks Cheryl!!!

    Cheryl on

  • Thanks for the explanation ! I love your studio. You have the best fabrics, emails, and service. Every order I’ve placed has been shipped more quickly than any other fabric store I’ve shopped. You are amazing.

    Kathy Woods on

  • Jodie, I appreciate you and Jennifer and all you do on my behalf. I am one of many who is waiting on a Riley Blake Barbie quilt kit. I will continue to wait until they come in or you tell me there are no more available. It does no one any good to get upset – this is out of your control as well as mine. Take care, Be well and know I am on your side and patiently waiting in Arlington.
    Sharon S.😘

    Sharon Simons on

  • Cannot wait to see thef fabrics

    Irene Mattoon on

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