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Arrows Aweigh Quilt Pattern

Arrows Aweigh Quilt Pattern

Arrows Aweigh Quilt Pattern

  • This pattern features a navy & gray chevron arrows, but it can be easily adapted to your favorite colors 
  • Finished size: 36" X 36"
  • Skill Level: Confident Beginner

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  • Cindy Davis: You will be creating 4 blocks with each set of squares – and once you rearrange & put the 4 smaller blocks together, you’ll need to have the 6" block size. This is an old pattern that was written for us some time ago – we would actually suggest that you start with 6.5" squares. We will make an edit to the pattern as soon as possible.

    Fort Worth Fabric Studio on

  • Please verify that if I start with a 5×5 in step 1 how do I end up with a 6×6 square by step 8. Don’t I use the same block right through each step. I’m a beginner just wanted to make sure I’m getting it right. With 1/4 inch seam allowance would the be down closet to 4×4 square.

    Cindy Davis on

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