2023 Light It Up Christmas Mystery Quilt – Fort Worth Fabric Studio
2023 Light It Up Christmas Mystery Quilt

2023 Light It Up Christmas Mystery Quilt

2023 Light It Up Christmas Mystery Quilt

Info about this quilt:

This quilt features Northcott's Cardinal Christmas Collection!

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These patterns are solely owned & provided by Fort Worth Fabric Studio and are intended for home use only. Printing & distributing copies of this pattern is prohibited. Selling this pattern or using it as part of a kit for sale is prohibited. Exclusive kitting rights belong to Fort Worth Fabric Studio.


  • I have to purchase the pattern now to make the quilt. It never stated that in the origami when I bought it. How is that fair to customers.
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio replied:
    Hey Kathryn,

    Jodie did decide a while back to charge for those patterns unless you buy the kits from us. She spends a lot of time writing those patterns and when people take advantage of them being free but don’t purchase fabric or anything at all from us then it’s not really fair to her or her business. It is not intended for great customers such as yourself. I will give you any of these patterns you need. I’m going to attach the pattern you need to this email so you have it.

    Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

    Have a great day.

    Robert @ FWFS

    Kathy on

  • This looks like fun. I better get started.

    Debbie on

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