Full Moon from Dear Stella Design – Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Full Moon from Dear Stella Design

Ships: August/ September 2024

Step into a mesmerizing dreamscape with Full Moon from Dear Stella Design. Immerse yourself in a mystical desert tableau teeming with majestic wolves, radiant sunshine, and a celestial city that seems to dance with the stars. Wander through a landscape adorned with graceful eucalyptus, gallant horses, and vibrant desert blooms alongside towering cacti. Amidst this celestial panorama, lunar phrases whisper secrets of the night, while rainbows paint the sky with their iridescent hues. Infused with Southwest symbols, this collection unveils a tapestry of midnight mystique, burnt orange allure, deep navy richness, and the soft whispers of mist and Bellini. Let Full Moon transport you to a realm where magic and nature intertwine, inviting you to explore the boundless beauty of the desert under the luminous glow of the moon. All pieces in this collection are digitally printed.