Special Moments by Denise Burkitt for Free Spirit Fabrics

Ships: July/ August 2022

"Special Moment are occurrences that melt your heart, leave you breathless and make you want to hold onto them as long as possible. Over the past year I intentionally worked on staying centered. This momentum was needed while I focused on strenuously organizing and building my own home during a pandemic! Having reached completion, I have taken the time to reflect, take stock, nurture body and soul and, the fun part, rekindle my creativity! In attempting to live in the moment I continue to enjoy much pleasure in life’s little things, all instilled in my mind as special moments. My appreciation of nature brings much warmth as I am energized by a moment of surprise sighting how much a plant has grown. The new growth is seen in translucent, delicate pinks, textures and life forces. This is how I feel in those moments of intense hand painting creativity. Each a moment of humility whether I rescue a moth from the kitchen sink or a tiny green frog from the window sill! Heartfelt moments that are a look or a connection in someone’s eyes. In the end only these Special Moments will matter." - Denise Burkitt